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RAPIDE 1000s

Rapide 6600 S.jpg
Schuitemaker 8400_a.jpg

The 1000 series focuses on the professional user who wants to work efficiently with maximum volumes, and also wants to be able to achieve high speeds. The Rapide wagons from the 1000 series are characterised by a high throughput and a large loading volume. The 1000-series have an extra heavy duty driveline. The star shaped rotor diameter is extra-large due to the 9 rows with 20 mm tines. The width of the rotor is 2 meter. This makes the 1000 series extra suitable for processing a large crop flow at high speeds. The 1000 series is available as tandem and tridem axles and standard with R26,5 inch tires. The DIN capacity of the 1000 series is between 38 m3 and 53 m3. The 1000 Series comprises the 6600, 7800 and 8400 models; all models are available with and without beaters.

Rapide 5800

Rapide 6600

Rapide 8400 

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