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The Rapide 10 series is a smaller multi-purpose loaderwagon with the same achievements. The star shaped rotor with 7 rows of feed tines and with thickness of 20 mm is equal to the Rapide 100 series are only the width is 180 cm instead of 200 cm. The sloped platform ensure that the grass is easily transported into the wagon. The scraper floor is one side hydraulically driven. Standard is the 18 tons non steerable pendulum tandem with hydraulic 4-wheel brakes. Optional the Rapide 55 can be delivered with a 18 ton follow steered pendulum tandem. Also the Rapide 10 is a multi-purpose wagon. The construction of the Rapide 55 is strong enough to drive with maize harvest next to a harvester or with other silage products. Besides the standard delivered uppersteel, is it optional to get an extra top guide of 40 cm. This uppersteel is delivered with ropes for guiding the grass perfectly into the wagon. With the additional uppersteel the Rapide 55 has an maximum DIN capacity of 31 m3 (Rapide 55), respectively 37 m3 (Rapide 65). The 10 Series has the Rapide 55 and the Rapide 65. Both models are available with no beaters, with beaters, as well as with beaters and a side discharge conveyor.

Rapide 58 Farmer

Farmer Series.jpg

Rapide 55S 27m3

Rapide 55 .jpg

Rapide 65S 32

Rapide 65 .jpg
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