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With the Rapide 100 series you buy more then 30 years of experience and competence in the construction and development of the multi-purpose wagons. Innovation as the sloped loading Floor, Rapidstream front panel and the 20mm width rotor tines and strippers ensures faster loading, lower power needs, and less maintenance. The pick-up of 2 meter width and the star shaped rotor of 2 meter width and 7 rows of feed tines, thickness 20 mm, guarantee an enormously loading capacity under every circumstances. The DIN capacity of the 100 series is between 34 m3 and 42 m3. From the Rapide 580, the wagons can be delivered with 26.5 Inch tires. The 100 Series comprises the 520, 580 and 660 models; all models are available with and without beaters. The Rapide 580 and 660 are also available as feeder wagon (optional).

Rapide 580 S.jpg
Rapide 520 S.jpg

Rapide 520S

Rapide 580S

Rapide 580 - 26.5 S .jpg

Rapide 580S 26.5

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